aussieBum launch Breeze uncensored brief red



When the heat is on, feel the breeze in aussieBum’s new active sports inspired cotton mesh range that will have your body feeling the sweat like never before.

The honeycomb or waffle-cotton fabrics absorb the moisture to reveal the sexy, sex-appeal oozing sportsman you are!

Available from aussieBum in Two colors Red and Green.

Briefs €19.58

Jockstraps €17.22


IS_0702be_breezeUncensored_abshr_jock_green_front_130305154840 IS_0702be_breezeUncensored_abshr_brief_green_side_130305151035 IS_0702be_breezeUncensored_abshr_brief_red_back_130305152545 IS_0702be_breezeUncensored_abshr_brief_red_front_130305152545


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