Bluebuck Introduces its Eco-friendly Multi Packs

Bluebuck, a men’s underwear label based in the UK, is more than happy to present you its new multi packs of underwear and socks. The label focuses its practices around the environment by creating items for the rugged and adventurous in factories powered by renewable energy. The cotton used for the products is organically grown, so it doesn’t use any fertilisers and pesticides that promote the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Bluebuck’s new multi packs are offered in some of your most loved items, and in irresistible prices. The 4-packs classic and nautical briefs come in a classic fit with an elastic waistband that contains over 60% of cotton and does not irritate the skin. The 4 and 3-packs classic and nautical trunks respectively are made with 95% organic cotton and offer comfort and durability. The 4 and 6-packs of nautical and 5 yarns socks are also made of high quality soft organic cotton and are ideal for the cold days and your outdoor adventures. All of the packs come in classic and bright hues to guarantee convenience and style that will last for ages.

All of the component parts of the items are produced in Europe and moved by road, which produces around 75% less CO2 than planes. Bluebuck takes climate change seriously and its actions are aimed to minimize its impact on the planet, while creating trustworthy green products.

The new multi packs highlight Bluebuck’s environmentally friendly ethos since they result in less packaging. They are perfect as a gift to men who are naturally sexy and appreciate comfort and durability. They are also great for anyone who wants to stock up on his favourites and for a better price!

Are you wondering what to get as a valuable and long lasting gift? You want to buy a bunch of loved basics but you still want a bit of colour variety? Bluebuck gives you the best solution with its new multi packs!


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