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SUMMER NEW Andrew Christian Styles at Topdrawers


Andrew Christian delivers again with an awesome assortment of new styles, featuring classic styling, lightweight barely-there premium fabrics, and cool comfortable materials to complement the summertime heat!

Be sure to check out the latest and greatest from Andrew Christian and more at Topdrawers


New Andrew Christian Collection Available from Topdrawers


Don’t take our word for it, you need to check out some of the latest from Andrew Christian! Whether you’re looking for something from their famous Show-It Pouch Support technology, the comfort of their CoolFlex fabrics, or the extra room in the front from their Trophy Boy collection, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your needs!








This Friday & Saturday (November 27-28, 2015), Enjoy great savings with our Black Friday Sale:

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Fall is firmly here and Andrew Christian has just released some new styles for the season! You can still find new great underwear styles of course, but added to the mix is more choice in their sportswear.


New Andrew Christian Styles Available at VOCLA



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Andrew Christian The Coronation


As the crown comes down the energy really revs up! It’s celebration time for these exotic BLOW! Boys and they’re ready to worship their new King with oil, dance, and even offering themselves up to his pleasure. Set in their tribal oasis, these BLOW! Boys live it up from sunset to sunrise in the biggest and hottest party of all time.

Sponsored by:
BLOW Underwear

Directed by: Erica Dorsey
Editor and Gaffer: Will Schoenfeld
Production Manager: Drew LeQuang
Wardrobe/Stylist: Ricardo Serrano
Production Assistant: Andrew McGarity
Production Assistant:Jun Sun

Andrew Christian The Coronation:

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New Andrew Christian Blow Collection in Store at VOCLA

Andrew Christian BLOW! Show-It Tech Jock Thong

  • Show-It technology – lifts and enhances your front measurements by up to 1.5”
  • Material – cotton and spandex, great comfort and feel
  • Style – jock and thong in one, hybrid style
  • Waistband – 3D BLOW! Logo waistband with silicone rubberized lettering
  • £19.00




Andrew Christian BLOW! Almost Naked Brief, Royal Blue

  • Design – limited edition, modernised brief with contrast glow trims
  • Almost Naked pouch – front pouch allows you to naturally hang free so it feels like you’re not wearing any underwear, reducing sticking, squashing and sweating
  • Material – super soft and smooth Bamboo rayon, great feel
  • Waistband – 3D BLOW! Logo waistband with silicone rubberized lettering on a bold and striped low-rise waistband
  • Price £18.50
  • 1421103047-01597800
  • 1421103049-02579600

Andrew Christian BLOW! Almost Naked Boxer, Black

  • Design – limited edition, modernised boxer with contrast glow trims
  • Almost Naked pouch – front pouch allows you to naturally hang free so it feels like you’re not wearing any underwear, reducing sticking, squashing and sweating
  • Material – super soft and smooth Bamboo rayon, great feel
  • Waistband – 3D BLOW! Logo waistband with silicone rubberized lettering on a bold and striped low-rise waistband

The Andrew Christian BLOW! Collection is a range of underwear with a silicone BLOW! rubberized waistband logo which has a 3D look and feel.

This boxer has the Andrew Christian Almost Naked technology which is a soft snuggle pouch at the front that allows you to hang free so it feels like you’re not wearing any underwear. This helps to reduce sticking, squashing and sweating for a more comfortable wearing experience

Price £19.00





Andrew Christian – ANGELS VS DEMONS


Every gay boy seems to be fighting over a man nowadays #TheseHoesAintLoyal. In Angels vs Demons a forbidden love between Jake Houser, a white winged angel, and Kevin Benoit, a black winged angel, sparks an epic battle between old rivals. King Cory Zwierzynski put on his armor to battle his old nemesis, Topher DiMaggio, King of the black winged angels. King Topher along with the two lovers die in this Trophy Boy battle. King Cory wanted to tweet at slain King Topher #sorrynotsorry, but we thought that might be too much.



angels_jake_1 angels_murray_1 angels_topher_1 angels_topher_3_rgb angels-postcards-jake angels-postcards-murray cory_angels_1


Andrew Christian – World cup Photo Shoot


andrew christian worldcup
andrew christian worldcup
andrew christian worldcup
andrew christian worldcup
andrew christian worldcup

Andrew Christian Twerk Available from VOCLA


If you’re like Miley Cyrus and you like to have a good twerk then this may be the perfect underwear for you!  The new Andrew Christian Twerk collection is aimed at guys with a fine ass! The underwear is cut larger at the back of the boxers and briefs to give a little more room for larger buttocks. With the jockstrap, the straps are made larger and there are double straps to provide additional support and help to create a bubble butt. That’s plenty of room for twerking. 


The design of the underwear has its own special white waistband with stripes and red Andrew Christian lettering. It’s made with ultra-slimming elastic which is softer and pulls less on your waist, helping to slim the appearance of your waistline. The front pouch has racing stripe piping details. The products are available in either black or red.

Twerk Jock

Double straps at the back help to lift the buttocks and create a bubble butt

Andrew Christian Glow at VOCLA


Andrew Christian has just released his latest new underwear collection: Andrew Christian Glow. Whereas most of the previous collections have focused on underwear technology, this collection focuses on the design. The underwear has neon stitching and piping details which glow in the dark, glowing under black light. Some of the products are a full neon yellow colour which allows the product to fully glow and others just have the neon details for a more subtle glow. It’s the perfect underwear for in a club or at an underwear party! 

Just to tease us a little further, Andrew Christian has also released a new video to promote the Glow collection. As you would expect, it is rather NSFW but take a look at the video and you can see how the products glow in the dark. 

The trailer for the video is here:

The full video will be released 23rd May.

The new Glow collection features a range of products:

  • The Glance boxer has neon accents which glow under black light, a silver waistband and the boxer is backless.
  • The Almost Naked brief has a front hang free pocket to provide more space and is available in navy with glowing neon accents or as a full neon yellow colour for maximum glow.
  • The Teaser jock has a front ‘v’ window, neon accents which glow and a silver waist.
  • The Quirk boxer has side slits to show off some flesh. It is available in navy with neon trims or as a full neon yellow boxer which will fully glow under black light.
  • The Show-It Tagless boxer has enhancing underwear technology, neon trims which glow and no itchy tags.

VOCLA has gathered together all the Glow images on a Pinterest board: 

Link to collection page on VOCLA:  Could you please link to this page using the phrase ‘Andrew Christian Glow’ or ‘Andrew Christian Glow Underwear’?



Mr Fit Reviews – Andrew Christian Vivid Fuse For VOCLA

AndrewChristianBlack 4


Item Reviewed: Andrew Christian Vivid Fuse


About the Product: 100% Soft Cotton

What We Like: Comfort style and function blend beautifully here to produce a superb boxer for the discerning gent. The bold contrast colour on the trim looks great and the anatomically correct pouch is just amazingly comfortable. it almost feels like you are wearing nothing.

What We Didn’t Like: Nada, nothing, zilch.

Who We’d Recommend Them To: Are you a guy who loves comfort without Sacrificing style and sexiness? These are a must buy.

When We’d Wear Them: A great day to day underwear, the soft fabric and comfortable roomy anatomically correct pouch make these great for hotter weather as they almost eliminate re-adjusting when things get sticky.

Describe These Underwear in Three Words: Uber comfortable sexiness.

AndrewChristianBlack 1 AndrewChristianBlack 2


Style: Boxer with Almost Naked Pouch 

Pouch: Anatomically correct, comfortable and “Almost Naked” feeling.
 Rise: Low

Coverage: Average

Waistband: Ultra Slimming Elastic with extra stretch 

Fabric: 100% Cotton

€16.75  From Vocla

Collection Colours: Blue. Balck, Purple, Yellow

Collection Tops: N/A

Collection Sizes: small, medium, large, x-large

Made In: USA 


AndrewChristianBlack 3

New Arrivals from Andrew Christian at Topdrawers


Nanofit Breeze

New @ Topdrawers: We’ve got some awesome sexy new 2014 Andrew Christian styles that have just arrived – The Nanofit Breeze collection with a vibrant new multi-colour waistband in Jocks and Briefs, the new Air Sculpt Locker Room Jockin super soft micro modal with the anatomically correct fit, and the unique new low-rise Show-it Jock Thong – with Show-it Tech that boosts your profile and lifts your spirits!

Andrew Christian : # Suck

Our AC Trophy Boys are bringing you a video that’s unlike anything you’ve seen from us before. We’ve turned out the lights and let our models loose to quench their thirst in the most delicious way possible. We’ve also partnered up with our friends at Stag and in our own Andrew Christian jewellery to deck these boys out in some of the sleekest, sexiest, sickest gear you’ve ever seen. Trust us when we say that, once the lights go out and the beat starts throbbing and the thirst takes over, the end result is something you won’t want to miss. Their blood may run cold but they’re still insanely hot.

Written and Directed by Jeff White.
Music: SEX SELLS “Gygi Remix” by Matthew Paul.
Models: Noah Wright, Murray Swanby, Pablo Hernandez, Stephen Snider, Vladamir Shmygol, Cameron Knight.

Andrew Christian 1310 106

Andrew Christian 1310 105

Andrew Christian 1310 109



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