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Esculpta is proud to launch our long awaited first two Add-Ons for JockRing



Esculpta is proud to launch our long awaited first two Add-Ons for JockRing

We hope we’ve stocked enough of these because they’re the next best thing to a cock-ring, you could call this release the equivalent of CockRing v 2.0 After a long beta-testing period our first add-ons are here to stay!


You don’t need a bulge enhanced thong or a ball-lifting jockstrap anymore to pronounce your bulge. Jockring goes under-the-hood with this set of inspirational add-on jewels to make your bulge bigger with any ordinary underwear. If you choose to wear Luigi the Lobster simultaneously, you also get a more rigid grip and mild perineum massage at the same time!


Imagine a range of actually functional accessories with mix-and match capabilities to add to your favorite cock-ring. Its already fully size-adjustable for any occasion, but lets say you want to bulge-boost your frontal appearance, or get a little more playful or experimental. That concept is here and these add-ons are ideal for Jockstrap and thong enthusiasts! JockRing Add-Ons not only enhance your favorite power-jewel with an array of tingling sensations and functionalities but they are also beautiful jewelry items to wear as pendants.. and are great conversation starters! (who knew?).  They can be mixed and matched and added and removed at will of the wearer and they guarantee extended hours of pleasure.

204+636 Whalebone-Lobster_jockring-add-on



Boost the ‘bulge’ of your underwear from 40%-70% with a fancy cock ring from Esculpta

Boost the ‘bulge’ of your underwear from 40%-70% with a fancy cock ring from Esculpta
You don’t need to be an underwear model for your bulge to look just as hot as a Calvin Klein’s latest fitness model. What you might just need is a comfortable sizable cock ring. What most men don’t know is that an impressive bulge appearance is less about the size of your package and more about the way the goods are packed.

Esculpta claims that a cock ring can boost your underwear bulge visibly by between 40% and 70%. Here are five reasons from esculpta that every man should own a jewelled cock ring

blog 5 reasons

Esculpta “Aether” sculpture pendant




aether-sculpture-pendantAether sculpture pendant from sterling silver


Aether according to alchemists was the fifth and essential element of life force. The force that moves through us, present in all the other Elements and the essence of god.


In ancient Greece Aether was the protogenos (primal and elementary) god of air and light in mythology. He was the son of the gods Nyx – or Noc in latin (primordial goddess of night) and Erebus (god of shadow and darkness). With this mythological allegory, Aether, god of light was born from darkness. Further on, Aether (as a noun) was believed to be the ‘fine upper air’ breathed by the gods of Olympus.

Price €70.00

aether-sculpture-pendant-2 aether-sculpture-pendant-3 aether-sculpture-pendant

Esculpta photographic Editorial

We have just received these images from Esculpta.

We are delighted to be able to give our readers a  sneak peak of the photographic editorial which was shot on the beautiful island location in Greece. . 

we will post the rest of the images when we receive these. 

Check out the newly designed Esculpta website.

IMG_2653_editorial cover lostinblue coming soon

ESCULPTA – Le Cock Ring V – The Satyr

le-cock-ring- 6

A little more about this design

It is not an exaggeration to say that the cult of the Dionysus was an extremely ‘horny’ one, literally and metaphorically owing to its symbolism and importance in antiquity..

.Le Cock Ring 5′ is inspired from the cult of Bacchus (Roman) or ‘Dionysus’. Worship of the horned goat (otherwise known as a capricorn) was strongly associated to Bacchian festivities particularly at the rituals of the winter solstice through-out the civilized world. During the festivities which sometimes lasted for weeks, men would disguise themselves with horned masks, drink plenty of wine and celebrate their ‘anonymity’ in large groups. During the celebrations, participants would release themselves totally and give in to some of their darkest passions. Dionysus, the god of intoxication and debauchery would allegedly overlook the celebrations performed in his honor.

Most famous of all the symbol and figures of this worship is the iconic symbolism of the Satyrs who were a troop of men accompanying Pan and Dionysus. The satyrs, famous for their appearance with large extended erections were flute players that roamed the mountains and in Roman antiquity they took on a goat-like appearance with horns. The myth of the Satyrs and the pagan cult of Dionysus is where the contemporary expression ‘horny devil’ comes from!

Every single silver ring is hand-made and hand-riveted to the finest standards with sculpted solid sterling silver and durable black rubber.

The innovated version of this Hellenistic jewel came about with 3 factors in mind (the same concepts for which our older C-ring designs have been great successes)….

1) comfort, 2) ease of wearing and removing 3) combining the two factors above with the strength & durability of contemporary materials such as neoprene (which we also love aesthetically!) This new version combines all the above with the ease of sizing and adjusting! The advantage of this special intimate jewel is that it is smartly designed to be adjustable to a perfect fit without the hassle of measuring up or even knowing your size. This also gives the liberty of knowing that it will definitely fit your boyfriend if you order one as a gift.

Passion and aesthetics are universal! Esculpta jewellery celebrates individuality and the erotic nature and playfulness in all men gay or straight.

Were you thinking of offering this original item as gift?

‘Le cockring  V’ will make the perfect gift even if he is hard to impress. With this special one-size-fits most design, he won’t have to catch you measuring him up in his sleep! “Once again, on his birthday don’t get him a mug, unless you just want him to make you coffee…”. ‘Le cock ring V’ will arrive in a discrete regular package and in smart black suede gift pouch ready to give to the man who has (almost) everything!

le-cock-ring-v le-cock-ring-v 3 le-cock-ring-v2


15% off at ESCULPTA

mensunderwearsource esculpta post

Modus Vivendi – Mermale / Merman sculpture pendant


Look what just came off the beach! The mermale is a wearable sculpture from solid sterling silver. Take a closer look at this simply irresistable original piece of summer-wear


Esculpta Solid Sterling Silver mens lion torc necklace

Solid Sterling Silver mens lion torc necklace

PVC Roman torc style neo-classical lion jewelry adaptation. Magnificent detail, masculine and contemporary. This is our HEAVY SILVER version created after numerous requests as a totally silver version of our torc necklace. The 100% sterling silver piping is hand made and the piece is crafted with such high quality to last for a lifetime – guaranteed!


Esculpta jewelry mens necklace model photo shoot Jeremy Bilding


Esculpta and Men’s Underwear Source Self Competition

Esculpta have give us a Le ‘Cock Ring II‘( Value $165) to give away to one lucky winner. 

We are running a selfie Competition , send us images of you in your Favourite Underwear, Swimwear.

Send your images to . 

We will pick the winner on the  Thursday 10th July


le cockring IId

Le ‘Cock Ring II’ is a smart innovation from the classic ‘Le Cock Ring’ .  Every single ring is hand-made and hand-riveted with sculpted sterling silver and durable black rubber

After the success of the first ‘Le Cock Ring’, this new innovated version has been created to offer the same aesthetic principles with less hassle regarding sizing. ‘Le Cock Ring II’ is size adjustable!

Every person has a slightly different anatomy, and we consider comfort very important. The advantage of this design is that it is smartly designed to be adjustable to a perfect fit without the hassle of measuring up or even knowing your size. This also gives the liberty of knowing that it will definitely fit your boyfriend if you order one as a gift.

This item is completely hand made only in limited quantities for ESCULPTA. Has it been a while since you spoiled yourself to something truly unique?

le cockring IIe text7 

Esculpta Men’s Silver Lion heads torc bracelet

Men’s Silver Lion heads torc bracelet 

An outstanding intricate and heavy piece of superior neo-classical torc jewelry. Sterling silver and exquisitely made.

Price – $325.00 




Esculpta The Wing of Hermes pendant

Esculpta The Wing of Hermes pendant

This wing is a free interpretation of the wing of Hermes, messenger to the gods. The theme was chosen for the symbolism of  this winged god who was the mediator of all good and bad news and therefore the significator of change to come.  The 2 elements that compose the piece symbolize the varying yet harmonising dynamics of change.

Price $68.00


The price and details refer to the sterling silver version (for 18k gold/silver featured above please contact us for current quote as gold prices fluctuate)

Esculpta – Mens PVC & SIlver Lion torc necklace



Mens PVC & SIlver Lion torc necklace


  • Male Lion Torc Necklace 
  • Scene: “Ancient hellenistic/roman jewelry – meets rubber”!
  • Material: 925 (sterling) Silver
  • Completely hand made with due craftsmanship and quality.
  • The default necklace size is 44.5 cm inner Circumference (17 and 1/2″ in inches) which will fit most regularly built males.
  • For custom sizing see ordering instructions below.

Price $165.00



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