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Philip Fusco is beach-body ready wearing HUNK² swimwear range

In the world of fitness modeling, one of the big names and in-demand bodies is Philip Fusco.


Fusco grew up in New York City, getting his start in the modeling world as a teenager when he was discovered on MySpace. Now, in his 30s, it’s clear that the camera still loves every inch of Philip Fusco.


In this shoot – by photographer Armando Adajar – Fusco is showcasing our HUNK² swimwear range. We love the way that he’s able to subtly show off the reversible design of the swimwear – it’s a feature that we’re really proud of, and you can see why these bold colours and patterns are going to turn heads wherever you wear them.


After the photo-shoot was done and dusted, we took the opportunity to ask Fusco about life, swimwear, and hot tips for the summer.

Swimwear styles

“I go for shorts, not the briefs…” explains Fusco, when I ask which style of swimwear he prefers. “My favorite style is the shorts that come to just above the knee – stopping at the meaty part of the leg.”

Swim-shorts are generally the preferred option for guys from North America, however, on the beaches of Europe, you’ll generally see guys of all shapes, sizes, and sexualities embracing the swim-brief. So, as well as personal preference, your choice of swimwear is likely to be influenced by your vacation destination.

“My number-one destination is the Bahamas…” confirms Fusco, as we discuss which destinations are at the top of his travel wish-list. “I stay at Atlantis on Paradise Island.”

 In addition to his modeling career, Fusco is also the marketing director for a skin-care brand. I asked him if he had any summer skin-care tips for guys who are going on a beach vacation.

“Always be sure to apply sunblock frequently – one application doesn’t last all day…” advises Fusco. “After the beach, make sure you wash your face with a mild cleanser and then use a light but complete moisturizer.”


Fitness motivation

To maintain a physique like Philip Fusco, you’ve got to be taking your health and fitness fairly seriously. Many of us have ambitions of hitting the gym hard and getting lean and strong, but it takes a lot of focus and persistence to achieve the results needed to land a magazine cover or swimwear campaign.

“I stay motivated because self-care and self-love is extremely important – as long as it isn’t overdone…” explains Fusco, when I ask him how he stays motivated on the health and fitness front. “Looking your best will translate into feeling your best. If you feel your best, you’ll be a much better person – kindness will radiate, and the world will be a better place. Of course, there are days that I don’t want to go to the gym. I try to take one day off each week. If I’m not feeling motivated but it’s not my day off, then I force myself to go. I know that I’ll be feeling like a million bucks by the time I leave the gym.”

Model Roly Vizcay Wearing Swimwear by HUNK².

Model is Roly Vizcay  (@rolyvizcayofficial) and photographer is John Justo.

In the photos he’s wearing swimming briefs Alphae Carioca² by HUNK².
Roly-Hunk2-Swimwear-a Roly-Hunk2-Mens-Trunks Roly-Hunk2-Swimwear-0 Roly-Hunk2-Swimwear-b

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