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Modus Vivendi Launches the Spring Fest Line from the Spring Summer Collection 2019

Dance with me? Find the perfect dance partner in life and dance like nobody is watching.
The Spring Fest line is here to enable you to express and impress while enjoying life. The uniqueness of the fabric along with the extra brilliant details can dance away your shy self.

The Spring Fest line comprises of Jockstrap, Brief, Boxer and Tanktop.

The Modus Vivendi Spring Fest line is available in blue, has the classic Modus Vivendi logo on the extra brilliant waistband;
Manufactured to perfection made of satin pleated shiny fabric this line is ultra luxury. The uniqueness of the fabric along with the shiny waistband and the perfect fit makes this line a must have.

The Modus Vivendi Spring Fest line is available from €24.80

Modus Vivendi launches the Bodybuilding Line from the Swimwear Collection 2019 inspired by Bodybuilding athletes.

The Bodybuilding swimwear line comprises of Low Cut Briefs

The Modus Vivendi Bodybuilding Low Cut swimwear Brief features a minimal style with the front part lining and the Modus Vivendi logo discreetly placed on the front in the form of a snap.
This swimwear is super comfortable and available in black, red, aqua, gold and purple.
Made from fast drying polyamide elastane fabric is perfect for showing off your hard work on the beach or pool.

The Modus Vivendi Bodybuilding line is available from €37.80


A man ought to be classy at all times or at least have a classic line in his drawers. Fashion changes – classic style endures.

In doubt this morning?  Feel comfortable and sexy in your Classic underwear and make the most out of the moment.
If you wish to stick with your classic style, this line will give you endless options to state who you are and look good in it.
A capsule collection of minimal pieces, basic and timeless garments to serve you daily in the best possible way.


The Classic line comprises of Jockstrap, Tanga Brief, Brief, Boxer, Short Boxer, Pants, Robe, Kimono, and Singlet.

The Modus Vivendi Classic line features a much-loved style. This line is super comfortable and chic.
Made from superior quality, cotton elastane fabric this line has an elegant classic style cut is sexy and easy to wear; designed to remain comfortable all day long.
Available in white, grey and black and with a perfect fit, this line is perfect for everyday use and will never go out of fashion.

Modus Vivendi
Photographer:  Joan Crisol @joancrisolphoto
Model: Ramon Punet
Location: Spain


Modus Vivendi launches the Festive line

Fireworks and jewels come to your mind when wearing the Festive line. Blow everyone’s mind with these luxury pieces.


A luxury gateway with your significant other or with your friends cannot be complete without the Festive line.
These elegant and luxury pieces will match your expectations of high-quality fabric, uniqueness, and style.
Dress to impress and enjoy your winter vacay wearing a jewel on your body feeling like a bon viveur.


The Festive line comprises of Brief, Classic Brief, Low Cut Brief, Boxer, Bottomless, Tanktop, T-Shirt, and Pants.

The Modus Vivendi Festive line is available in black and gold, has the classic Modus Vivendi logo and the extra brilliant waistband on the underwear.
Manufactured to perfection made of cotton elastane combined with satin pleated shiny fabric this line is ultra-luxury.
The uniqueness of the fabric along with the shiny waistband or the blocks of shiny fabric and the perfect fit makes this brief a must-have piece.

The Modus Vivendi Festive underwear line is available from €24.80

New Modus Vivendi arrivals

Modus Vivendi Tiger Onesie

Main features

  • Inside leg 77cm from center seam inc 7cm cuff
  • Popper fastening up the front including turtleneck collar
  • Two front pockets
  • Back opening for calls of nature


93% cotton 7% elastane
£ 72.50

Modus Vivendi Tiger Meggings Long John

Main features

  • 77cm cm inside leg from center seam including 8cm rib cuff
  • Neat and smooth folded edge waistband
  • Two good deep full-width pockets on front
  • Proper fly opening for calls of nature


93% cotton 7% elastane
£ 42.00

Modus Vivendi Launches the Accessories Collection

Accessories survival guide by Modus Vivendi from small gifts to important presents that will dazzle them, the perfect gift is in our new accessories additions:

Socks, gym socks, long socks, c-through socks, men tights, belts, scarfs, and sleeved scarfs or boleros.

You don’t need to borrow your girlfriend’s socks anymore when you can have the Fishnet Socks & the C-through Socks. Match them with sock garters and you are ready for your fetish games.

Innovative First Men Tights from Modus Vivendi, made of Polyester – Elastane fabric, these men tights have a low-rise stretch waist, Opaque finish and a comfortable pouch for your goodies.

Great style never gets old! Modus Vivendi revisits the Sock Garters trend and brings it back in fashion. Feel like a real gentleman on any occasion!

Gym socks ribbed panels to hold the sock in its place during your workout and Socks too stylish not to have them!

Long Socks inspired by the 80s dance socks, these leg warmers are a super versatile accessory, whether you’re a fetish lover, laid-back lounger, a fashionista or a fitness enthusiast.

The Monochrome Belts & the Stripped Belts are available in blue, black, grey, aqua, yellow, along with its long length making this belt the super fashion item of the season.

The Hole Snood has a rectangle design with symmetrical holes all over the length of the scarf that can be placed around the neck.

Futuristic design, Japanese feel and Elizabeth fashion blend into the Hole design to offer the best fashion piece of this season.

The Sleeved Scarf layering bolero is ideal for daily casual or Evening Wear. A versatile piece that can be worn as a bolero or scarf, over a t-shirt.

The Smart Scarf & the Faux Fur Scarf feature the MV logo on the adjustable fabric ring you can use to ensure stability and style or wear it on your wrist.

The Modus Vivendi Accessories Collection is available from €5.50


Modus Vivendi launches the Christmas Gift Guide 2018.


The Festive season is here and Modus Vivendi has created a Christmas Guide for you.

Finding unique gifts that look stunning is near impossible, but this year help is at hand from Modus Vivendi.

The Christmas Guide 2018 compiles luxury and festive fashion gift ideas that will bring delight this holiday to your loved ones.


Let us spoil you and your loved ones this Christmas choosing from our wide collection of underwear, loungewear, streetwear & accessories.


Our Gifts

Free Exclusive Brief

Free Coasters

Free Worldwide Shipping



Modus Vivendi launches the Wolf line from the Fall Winter 2018-2019 Collection inspired by friendship.

The rider and the horse; the communication between the two; the whole feeling, is imprinted on the Wolf line.
Touching the pieces brings the best of you.

What if the Wolf was a friend to the Horse? A sweet story of a gentle, tender friendship inspired the creation of the Wolf Line.

Feel the Love, the Grace and the Loyalty on the fabrics of the line.

Experience the freedom of movements and the escape to the wilderness not alone but in a pack surrounded by colors like Grey, Blue, and Black.

The Wolf line comprises of Brief, Boxer, Jockstrap, Tanktop, & Meggings.

The Modus Vivendi Wolf underwear available in black, grey and blue, features the classic Modus Vivendi logo on the shiny waistband.

The main body of the underwear is made of cotton elastane fabric, combined with modern blocks of soft perforated velvet fabric. T

his underwear design presents a very sexy and functional undergarment, ideal for chic sports people or streetwear fashionistas.


Modus Vivendi Launches the X-Lux Underwear Line

Celebrate your desire for a luxury piece of underwear by wearing the X Lux line.

Because you need a piece of underwear that stands out we created the X Lux line!

Beautiful luxury undergarments with rich fabric and shiny waistband, to dress you up during the most important days and nights of the winter.

Visiting a chalet or a friend’s house in the mountains? Having a romantic night in? The X Lux line will ensure your best looks.

Wrap yourself with the X Lux pieces and offer yourself as a present this season.

The X Lux line comprises of Brief, Boxer, Jockstrap, Bottomless & Tanga.

The Modus Vivendi X Lux Brief is available in black and grey, has the classic Modus Vivendi logo on the waistband which is extra brilliant and available in red or silver.

Made of soft velvet micro modal elastane fabric this brief is ultra luxury.

The rich Fabric the shiny waistband and the perfect fit makes this elevated brief the pride of your collection.

The X Lux Jockstrap will make sure it feels holidays every single day.

The Modus Vivendi X Lux underwear line is available from €33.30



Modus Vivendi launches the High Tech line

The Modus Vivendi High Tech line draws together urban design and city men, creating a vision for modern fashion.

Inspired by the connection between people and places, this line has a passion for city life, celebrating minimalism and clean cut lines, with an abstract feeling.

The contemporary urban culture is eminent in all garments of this line, resulting in stylish, attractive, functional clothing.

The High Tech line comprises of Bottomless, Jockstrap, Tanga Brief, Classic Brief, Boxer, Tanktop & Meggings.

The Modus Vivendi High Tech underwear is available in black and white has a latex printed waistband with the original Modus Vivendi logo on it.

The main body of the underwear is made of matt latex look elastic fabric; with modern lines, it presents a very attractive and functional undergarment.

This minimal underwear is ideal for elegant sports people or streetwear fashionistas.

The Modus Vivendi High Tech underwear line is available from €27.25

Modus Vivendi Greek Lux Collection

Modus Vivendi Greek Lux Brief

Main features

  • Velvet fabric is single layered throughout
  • Sparkly 4cm deep elastic waistband has a metallic brand tag hanging left
  • The superb shape created by an enhancing pouch
  • Soft matt leg trim keeps the fit personal and smooth


80% micro modal 20% elastane

£ 31.50

Approx € 35.32



Modus Vivendi Greek Lux Tanga Brief


Main features

  • Stunning high leg gents’ undies – single layered velvet throughout
  • 4cm Greek key waistband glitters magnificently
  • A metallic brand tag hangs above the left hip
  • Great shape front and back


80% micro modal 20% polyamide

£ 29.50


Modus Vivendi Greek Lux Jockstrap

Main features

  • Male underpants worthy of any party – finished with a metallic brand tag
  • Exquisite velvet is single layered on the pouch and doubled on side panels
  • Glittering 4cm Greek key waistband is smooth inside
  • Leg straps measure just over 2cm across


80% micro modal 20% polyamide

Modus Vivendi launches the Marine Line


Get your hands on the new updated Marine look and sail this summer with a true nautical style.

The Marine line brings the sea world to your door with the classic Breton style stripes which can transform you to a sailor or a pirate.

Embrace the naval palette of red, white and blue, gather your crew and get ready for a summer adventure.

The Marine line comprises of Low Cut Brief, Tanga, Jockstrap, Brief, Boxer, and T-Shirt.

The Modus Vivendi underwear features the new Modus Vivendi logo MV on the majority of this line.

This line is sporty, comfortable and available in red, blue and white.

Made from superior quality, viscose elastan fabric is perfect for sportsmen, street stylers and luxury cruisers.

The Modus Vivendi Marine line is available from €23.80

Modus Vivendi launches the Basics Line from the Swimwear Collection 2018 inspired by minimalism.


June 2018. Clean, uncomplicated lines perfect for any occasion.

Essential pieces for your ‘what to wear` beach days, offering a foundation to build a unique look with all that accessories you wanted to add up.

The Basics line comprises of swim brief, brazil cut boxer and short.

The Basics line is made from a fast drying, high quality material and features a wide covered waistband.

This design features classic styles with a discreet Modus Vivendi logo.

Available in white, black, khaki, red and blue, this classy swimwear will be part of your basic summer kit.

The Modus Vivendi Basics Swimwear line is available from €46


Hot Swimwear for summer 2018 – Modus Vivendi Polkadot Swim Low Cut Brief


Main features

  • Fully lined pouch front with a shaping centre seam
  • Ultra narrow waistband conceals a branded shoelace drawstring
  • White rubber signature tab stitched above the left hip
  • High leg micro still provides good bum cover on the beach


80% polyamide 20% elastane
£ 44.00

Approx € 50.18

Modus Vivendi launches the Tricky Line from the Swimwear Collection 2018 inspired by the art of transformation.


June 2018. Trick or Treat? The Tricky line will ensure you get the trick and the treat.

The Tricky line can surely trick you into getting that candy.
Transform your already sensual brief to a low cut brief or your sexy tanga into a string and turn on the heat.
The shiny, lightweight, semitransparent fabric will cover your low parts in the utmost sexy way.
Treat yourself with a new swimwear and enjoy life on the beach or near a pool.

The Tricky line comprises of swim Brief, Tanga and Brazil Cut Boxer.

This swimwear line is super comfortable; the waistband and leg trims are hidden underneath the shiny fabric and you get a discreet modus vivendi logo in the middle of the waistband.
Made from shiny, lightweight, semitransparent fabric this Tricky line transforms into a sexier mini version through a woven tape ring.
Available in grey and marine blue this swimwear will put you in the spotlight this summer.

The Modus Vivendi Tricky swimwear line is available from €48.80


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