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Naked Boxer Briefs for men



WHEN IT COMES to Naked Boxer Briefs for men, it’s all about the packaging. And we’re not talking about stylish high-end box and partially recycled paper these ginch are wrapped up in.

Where the Joe Average boxer just has a flat piece of cloth in the front with two seams, Naked actually has a state-of-the-art nut-hut design to hold the boys in without flattening them. And that’s something Naked CEO Joel Primus is very proud of.

“We have a very beautiful crotch area, very spacious,” says Primus at Boys’Co (1044 Robson Street), where the young upstart recently launched his debut collection.



(Above Joel the founder wearing his Naked Briefs)


“It [the average male unit] just fits in there nicely,” he continues. “It’s a nice pouch. Very nice pouch. Which a lot of underwear [companies] skip because it’s very expensive to build the pouch.”

As well as being family-jewel-friendly, Naked offers a seamless cut that doesn’t constrict or cause any unsightly rolls. There are no waist or leg bands. Instead, the top and the bottom of the briefs are folded for a smooth lightweight fit. According to Primus, going Naked might just be the next best thing to going commando.

“It just feels like you’re wearing nothing at all underneath your pants,” he says, adding, “In general, men prefer that.”

While it’s true Naked is not the first line to make seamless underwear, one could argue it’s the first line to make sexy seamless underwear.




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