Sexy Featured Model – Harley Everett

A Hugh thanks to Harley for answering our  Questions .


Name:  Harley Everett


Age: 33. 


Where are you from? I live in South Kensington, London 


Have you always been fit?I was a skinny kid who quickly learned to beef up as soon as I left school – I’d like to think that I have got better with age. 


What’s been the most rewarding experience as a model/Actor ? Being the only British porn actor to have had full page spreads in the naked / porn issue of Gay Times two years in a row. 

Do you have a guilty pleasures in food ? It’s got to be cake.

Every gay man loves cake but I have an addiction, from the best Carrot in London to a cheap Black Forest Gateaux if it’s sickly and full of crap, I love it. 

One of my Best Friends who happens to be a big butch fireman (gay one), makes the best chocolate cake I’ve ever tasted, it’s so good one night I got up at 4 am and had a huge slab with double cream. 


Which do you prefer: boxers, briefs, or other ? Why? I prefer a briefs, they have to be the perfect fit and have enough room in the pouch area for my meat and 2 large veg

What is your favourite  brand of underwear ? I have to admit I have pair of Rufskin tight Lycra knee length shorts, they are the sexiest piece of clothing I’ve ever worn.  I love anything tight which shows off my cute butt and big legs. 

Has your current preference always been your underwear preference? If not, what’d you switch from, and what made you change? I’ve always liked the tighter underwear like briefs or trunks, but as I’ve got more muscular and my appreciation of muscle has increased my love for underwear like training shorts ( tight Lycra shorts ) has gone insane.

 Anything which is stretched tight around massive legs is my thing, oh and I love wrestling singlets. WOOF !!


Do you have a lucky pair of underwear? if so what are they? Yeah I have a pair of Aussiebums which my man gave me as a present when we first met, I still have them 7 years later (they are a little knackered but I still wear them and they bring me luck). 


What would people see if the looked in your underwear drawer, what brands and styles.? 

 I stick to no specific brand, there are pairs of Aussiebums, CKs, N2N, C-IN2 and of course of bad taste M&S passion killers. Briefs and trunks. 

There is also the odd Adidas wrestling singlet, some jock straps and a pair of neoprene fetish shorts, and of course the Rufskin shorts I mentioned earlier. 


Here is Harley Everett underwear drawer.

image copy 2


Please follow Harley Everett on Twitter  @harley_everett

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