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There are several very good reason why you may want to select an adjustable or custom sizable cock ring, but here’s the 3 we believe are the most important reasons:

  • You are paying your hard earned money for a premium quality item, and need to be 100% sure that it will fit you when it arrives.
  • You want the option of controlling the intensity it offers when ‘tight’, or to even wear loosely for vanity when you are flaccid.
  • You’ve found the perfect gift for your boyfriend or husband, but asking him to measure up would only spoil your surprise on the anniversary or birthday.
  • (Ok, a fourth almost unsaid one is you might even like the option of sharing it in turns if you are a gay couple!)

So lets talk about sizing adjustment and how it works. Can you have all of the above from one item? It would be nice to keep this article on a generic level as a feature guide about adjustable size (non-branded cock-rings, however the term ‘size adjustable’ cockring is quite loose phrase (and hardly even existed when Esculpta started out paving most of the way), so we will be focusing slightly on our take of the term, what the features look like and how they impact the user experience in our own designs. We hope that the discussion of key considerations underlined in this article will offer insight towards an informed decision of what penis ring to buy, whether from Esculpta or elsewhere.

“Which cock-ring size is right for me?”, and “Can I return it to change the size if it doesn’t fit” are questions you may expect hear on a daily basis when you run a company that confidently claims to produce the “Worlds Finest Cock Rings”. However we don’t get these questions any more because we decided to deal with these issues head-on by developing innovated adjustable sizing systems that offered their solutions. The adjustable size feature became part of our design philosophy and was integrated into the majority of our innovative cock rings since all the way back in 2004.

So with our customers no longer experiencing the risk of purchasing the wrong size, hassle of measuring up and extensive anatomic research needed to purchase an old-school ‘fixed size cock-rings’, we’ve been able to limit this topic to just a few features and issues that we still get commonly asked about about size adjustable cock rings.

Q) I think that my ‘endowment’ is a little smaller (or larger) than usual. Are there standard min/max sizes that adjustable penis rings can be adjusted to?

A) Most men globally fit into a penis ring sizes ranging between 40mm and 55mm (internal diameter of circle). If you have no experience with cock rings or never checked their size then don’t be alarmed by this number. These are not penis girth measurements. These are measurements for ‘full package’ cock rings that are worn around the penis AND scrotum.’Full package’ style penis rings are believed by general concensus of experienced cock-ring users to offer the most pleasure as opposed to rings that encircle only the penis.

The size or fit spectrum of an adjustable cock ring and how this ring is intended to be worn purely depends and should be asked to the manufacturer of the ring. Esculpta’s cock rings in particular are all ‘full package’ rings at the time of writing. Those that are adjustable size, fit almost all men. With a little variance between specific designs that is, they fit at least about 95% of men. Ranging from relatively modest (we hate to use the word small) to relatively large assets.

If you suspect being on the outer limits of these measurements or beyond, be sure to check each products specs on ‘ITEM SPECS’ tab in the individual product page or just ask us one of our representatives a question. We will be happy to help! We even make specially sized items from time to time but be sure to get one of our staff’s confirmation first before placing an order with non-default size requirements.

Q) “Once your rings are sized to the desired fit, can they expand with an erection  e.g. will it slip and get bigger or will it stay true to size and maintain grip. I’d had issues with others not staying tight.”

A) All our rings are designed to maintain a tight or loose grip that will stay exactly where you want them size-wise. Unless you use your hands to deliberately adjust the size.. the cock ring size will not change on its own however excited you get that you’re wearing it!! You are always in control of tightness and losseness unless you make the mistake of using too much lubricant or pooring lube directly on the item.

Q) Exactly how can I adjust an Esculpta penis ring?

A) Currently we offer 2 main size adjusting systems featured in our cock ring range. Here is a brief summary and also the key advantages and disadvantages of both systems. Multi-grip adjustment and self-custom-sizing adjustment as seen in examples below:

Multi-grip sizing adjustment features

  • This feature is embedded in all the adjustable c-rings from our classic Le CockRing collection
  • Snap tighter or looser like adjusting the size of a circle. Stays fixed where set.


    • Size can be changed again and again on the fly and almost effortlessly.


    • Putting on and removing the ring requires passing your ‘full package’ (penis and testicles) through the ring. But as it is expandable it is still significantly easier though than putting into place than any generic type rigid cockring.

Self-custom-sizing adjustment features

  • This feature is embedded in all products of our latest developed JOCKRING collection
  • One time self customization setup. The wearer adjusts to his size needs upon first time use by snipping the length of the rubber to desirable size.
  • A second length of rubber (included) as backup in case of hasty cutting error or can optionally be used as second size setting. From overwhelming customer feedback however, we know that most men prefer sticking to just one optimal size setting that will stay on loose comfortably when flaccid and is tight when erect.


    • Easy & intuitive one-time setup. Only a sharp kitchen knife or cutting blade is required to trim rubber part.
    • Easier to wear and remove than most cock rings available. The ring opens so you are able to fasten around your ‘full package’ without trying to get everything through a ‘tight hole’. Certain designs such as the JockRing Omen make this as easy as a one-handed snap by the addition of a sophisticated frontal clasp mechanism.
    • This system is also add-on ready allowing for optional extensions


    • Some care required when prepairing for first time use. Rubber must be cut down in small increments at a time to make sure it is not cut too much which will make the cock ring too small. But we still have you covered in case this happens by including an additional spare length of rubber.

So to summarize, here are some of the questions you should consider when adjustable size cock ring (from us or elsewhere):

  • Can I wear the item flaccid too if I want with a simple adjustment?
  • How comfortably or easily can it be worn or removed?
  • Can I re-adjust the size after I have tailored it’s fit?
  • What is the min/max size spectrum it is intended for? (if you are ‘unusually’ large or modest in size)

And a consideration only applicable for Esculpta’s options:

  • Am I likely to want to extend its capabilities later with add-ons . (Add on features are only offered for Esculpta’s Self-custom-sizable group of products)

9 Hot New Fetish wear Items From Petit Q


PetitQ offers original and quality lingerie. This underside is transparent and well open on the front.

At the back the elastics form an X but do not take this for a ban on driving


98% Polyester / 2% Spandex

Price €19.00



This very masculine Jockstrap with its imitation leather fabric will wreak havoc.

A belt that ends with a lacing on the back for an even more erotic effect

Price €20.00




Naughty boxer very soft with openings on the sides


82% Nylon / 18% Spandex

Price €20.00




An original and ultra sexy harness that goes around the torso, shoulders, waist and your masculine attributes.

It’s an underwear to wear for naughty and virile parties.



A transparent men’s string with an original design. At the front he combines black tulle and a shiny material like leather. On the sides two elastic ties meet at the back.

This masculine underside combines the lightness of transparency and the strength of the leather look.

Price €18.90





A very erotic bondage spirit for this male Petit Q.

The tanga cut, at the back well indented on the buttocks, is surmounted by elastic bands around the thighs


93% Nylon / 7% Spandex

Price €21.00




Your new playmate, this harness features a detachable cockring. On the shoulders it is well cut with its stretchy material resembling leather.

This harness for men is available in two sizes because it is well expandable




Erotic men’s underwear with sheath pocket for comfort. The rest is essentially composed of elastics.


92% Nylon / 8% Spandex

Price €24.00



Shorty for men in black lace. The boxer is low waist to be discreet under his pants.

We like the sexy effect on the thighs.
92% Polyester / 8% Spandex

Price €22.00


Esculpta is proud to launch our long awaited first two Add-Ons for JockRing



Esculpta is proud to launch our long awaited first two Add-Ons for JockRing

We hope we’ve stocked enough of these because they’re the next best thing to a cock-ring, you could call this release the equivalent of CockRing v 2.0 After a long beta-testing period our first add-ons are here to stay!


You don’t need a bulge enhanced thong or a ball-lifting jockstrap anymore to pronounce your bulge. Jockring goes under-the-hood with this set of inspirational add-on jewels to make your bulge bigger with any ordinary underwear. If you choose to wear Luigi the Lobster simultaneously, you also get a more rigid grip and mild perineum massage at the same time!


Imagine a range of actually functional accessories with mix-and match capabilities to add to your favorite cock-ring. Its already fully size-adjustable for any occasion, but lets say you want to bulge-boost your frontal appearance, or get a little more playful or experimental. That concept is here and these add-ons are ideal for Jockstrap and thong enthusiasts! JockRing Add-Ons not only enhance your favorite power-jewel with an array of tingling sensations and functionalities but they are also beautiful jewelry items to wear as pendants.. and are great conversation starters! (who knew?).  They can be mixed and matched and added and removed at will of the wearer and they guarantee extended hours of pleasure.

204+636 Whalebone-Lobster_jockring-add-on



Some Secrets are meant to be exposed- Le Cockring II

cock ring II rubber and sterling silver 6

Le ‘Cock Ring II’ is a smart innovation from the classic ‘Le Cock Ring’ .  Every single ring is hand-made and hand-riveted with sculpted sterling silver and durable black rubber

After the success of the first ‘Le Cock Ring’, this new innovated version has been created to offer the same aesthetic principles with less hassle regarding sizing. ‘Le Cock Ring II’ is size adjustable!

Every person has a slightly different anatomy, and we consider comfort very important. The advantage of this design is that it is smartly designed to be adjustable to a perfect fit without the hassle of measuring up or even knowing your size. This also gives the liberty of knowing that it will definitely fit your boyfriend if you order one as a gift.

This item is completely hand made only in limited quantities for ESCULPTA. Has it been a while since you spoiled yourself to something truly unique?


le cockring IId le cockring IIe

Modus Vivendi Cockring

Modus vivendi have just sent me the new images of their new Cockring.

Available in black or white. (5cm width) cotton elastic Band,Ending to two Stainless rings (6cm Diameter)

From Modus vivendi and also at Alphamaleundies



WildmanT Free Cock ring Giveaway only with Alphamaleundies

For the rest of December WildmanT are giving a Free cock ring with every WildmanT order bought from Alphamaleundies.


wildmanT – Speed Boxer Brief w/Ball lifter & c/ring

Product Description

  • The Wildmant: Speed Boxer Brief w/Ball Lifter® Cock-Ring brings your inner superhero out!
  •  These sexy boxers that are cut like briefs will make you look and feel amazing with the removable Ball Lifter Cock-Ring! Support you love in a brief now in a boxer brief!
  • Price €23.00
  • WildManT- Banned Swim Square Cut W/Ball Lifter

    Product Description

    • Wildmant: Banned Swim Square Cut is a fresh new style that really shows off your assets. 
    • With it’s built-in detachable cock-ring, this suit is sure to satisfy.
    • Price €29.00

    • WildmanT: Brief w/Ball Lifter® Cock-Ring

      Product Description

      Wildmant’s Timmy Brief is a great fit that looks great on everyone. Sexy and classic underwear with the adjustable and detachable cock-ring built in. WT-02

      Price  €23.00


Free Cockring Anyone

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