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New Underwear label Agacio



At Agacio, we believe men’s underwear should be made by men.  Most underwear on the market almost always seems like it was designed by women.  There is nothing wrong with women fashion designers, but when it comes to men’s underwear, guys know what is most comfortable.

After a couple of decades of suffering from wearing uncomfortable underwear, the guys designing the Agacio brand decided they had enough.  Tired of wearing underwear that either flattens your pouch or has you adjusting yourself all day because it is unbearable, the Agacio guys came up with the most comfortable underwear ever!  Quality, comfort and fit were the most important features that the guys were looking to create, yet keeping the designs stylish!

What sets Agacio apart from the rest of the world of men’s underwear?  First — the comfort from the perfect designs for a man’s pouch.  Second — the quality of the materials used.  Agacio is made to fit right and to last.  

Agacio’s pouch has a lifting technology that allows your package to fall exactly in the right spot.  Long gone are the days of adjusting and picking into your crotch to get comfortable.  You can read all about how comfortable Agacio fits on a guy’s pouch and body, but until you try your first pair, you won’t know what true comfort is about.

You can find Agacio at and soon you will see it on more websites.

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