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Amazing work from Nige Rorbach featuring Our very Own Rocco Hard

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I’ve been a keen photographer since I was about 12 years old when my Mum gave me a camera to take on a school trip, I think the whole week I was away all I did was take photos of my friends, the scenery, and all the things we did on the trip. From then on my love of photography grew and grew, and my thirst for knowledge about different techniques became insatiable !

By the time I was 21 I’d amassed a huge collection of snapshots and candids of my friends, but I wanted more. In September 1993 I enrolled in a photography course at my local college so I could learn more about my craft, and I spent the next 3 years developing my skills. I rapidly became one of the most proficient students on the course, not only doing my coursework but also shooting a further four or five extra rolls of film every week, portraits, textures, shapes, basically anything that I thought was interesting or might be useful for my course.  

Since I left the course I have been mainly concentrating on portraiture and people photography, but not the usual subject sat against a blank canvas ! I like to take my models out and about, trying to find surroundings that will compliment or contrast their characters.  

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I think my main influences are artists like Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Annie Lebowitz, and the late Herb Ritts. I’ve always loved their work for different reasons, with Herb Ritts being my favourite. I love the way he always creates stunning images, capturing the essence of his subject. One of the most inspiring things I ever heard about him was when he was lecturing at a college in America and he said “If you are shooting a model, don’t stay in one place, get off the tripod ! If you start in the corner of the room, end up outside !” I think that comment has always stayed with me and I certainly try to move around, getting different angles and viewpoints.  

Other things that influence me are music, film and fashion, as well as a very creative sense of image. I like playing with different ideas and trying to challenge the viewers perception of what a photo should be. 

Nige Rorbach website is

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Product Reviews By Rocco Hard

Product Reviews By Rocco Hard

Rocco Hard would love to review your underwear,swimwear or Gym wear Label.

He will review your products on the following. 

  • Fit
  • Quality
  • Style
  • Value
  • Wining points
  • Overall

Rocco will be reviewing your products will wearing for daily wear, Gym and also while at  work, Rocco will also be suppling self taken pics of him wearing our label.

To have your products reviewed then please send  products Size medium and large to 

Mensunderwearsource , 110 Rialto Cottages, Rialto, Dublin 8 , Ireland,

Product Reviews By Rocco Hard

Cedric Terrell Photography With AMU Underwear

Cedric Terrell is an officer and a gentleman; he’s also one of DC, New York City, and Los Angeles’s fastest-rising photography stars.
Florida-born-and-bred, the seven-year Marine Corps veteran is using his camera and artistic vision to shatter visions of social norms and prove on a national scene that being a man also means being beautiful.
Cedric Terrell Model wearing AMU Underwear

Cedric Terrell Model wearing AMU Underwear

Cedric Terrell knows what it means to be strong. The three-tour veteran can tell you that it not only takes grit, ferocity, and fearlessness to define a man but also grace—and all of these elements shine through to arresting effect in his portraiture of the modern male. 
Cedric sees photography as a form of empowerment for his subjects and clients. Working closely to ascertain their personal needs and styles, he consults each and every project with a boots-shined, on-time attitude that consistently delivers the highest standards of professionalism and personalization. 
From headshots and lifestyle spreads to fashion and commercial shoots, Cedric has catapulted Cedric Terrell Photography to an internationally recognized brand that’s been featured in an array of critically acclaimed publications.  His most recent gallery, Shades of Masculinity, captured the male form from a variety of perspectives blending traditionally masculine imagery with complementary and often shocking and beautiful feminine detail.
A tireless advocate of LGBT rights, Cedric often uses his photography to benefit the LGBT community and LGBT youth and gay military personnel in particular.
Cedric Terrell Photography is based in Washington, DC with satellite studios in NYC and Los Angeles. 
AMU is a new Irish men’s Underwear label and can be bought from Alphamaleundies


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