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Sexy Featured Model – Ricky Whittle

A big thanks to Ricky Whittle  for taking the time to answer our Questions. #sexyfeaturedmodel. –



Ricky Whittle was born in Oldham near Manchester in the North of England. His father Harry Whittle was in the RAF which involved travelling to different RAF bases around the world. So Ricky never settled in one country for longer than 3 years. A keen sportsman, Ricky excelled in various sports representing his country at youth level in football, rugby, American football and athletics.


After being scouted by both Arsenal and Celtic football clubs, a series of injuries forced Ricky to pursue a Law degree with Criminology at Southampton University for 4 years. Here he began modelling, becoming the face of a Reebok campaign in 2000.

After a successful audition and recall for the lead character in Sky One’s “Dream Team”, Ricky left university to pursue an acting career. After two action-packed seasons as Dream Team’s “bad boy” Ryan Naysmith, Ricky appeared as a guest character on BBC One’s “Holby City”, where he played his first gay character, David Richards.

Ricky finished filming the end of the ninth season of “Dream Team” and signed for Channel 4’s “Hollyoaks”. He played rookie cop Calvin Valentine and appeared in the 2007 Hollyoaks Hunks calendar and the following three years gracing the cover due to his increasing popularity eventually going on to release an individual calendar due to popular demand.



Name: Ricky Whittle




Where are you from? Oldham,Manchester,UK


Have you always been fit? Always been into sport,it actually saved my life on 2 occasions by being healthy.



What’s been the most rewarding experience as a model/Actor ? Most rewarding experience as an actor is getting to work with people I respect & watched for years growing up,I get to play make believe for a living.



Do you have a guilty pleasures in food ? I don’t eat veg or fruit so my whole diet is a guilty pleasure. I work out so I can eat what I want,I could never diet properly



Which do you prefer: boxers, briefs, or other ? Why?  like goin commando

ha ha but I prefer boxers,CK used to send me boxes every few months so always wore them.White with red trim



What is your favourite  brand of underwear ?I don’t really have any lucky underwear,but certain pairs for certain occasions.Stylish if they’re to be seen,or nice trims above shortline



what would people see if the looked in your underwear drawer, what brands and styles.? In my drawer is a lot of Calvin Klein,diesel and James Tudor



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